SolvisMax: Modular Heating System
Which Can Use a Broad Range of Energy Sources

Heating system SolvisMax 7

SolvisMax Heating System Advantages:

  • Saving up to 50-60% compared to traditional heating systems;
  • Flexible heating system suitable for any building;
  • Fresh hot water – absolutely no risk of a Legionella bacterial infection;
  • Ease of installation due to compact design;
  • Simple and smart control;
  • All system components perfectly match with each other.

SolvisMax was designed by one of the leading European manufacturers, German company Solvis GmbH, as a combined system which supplies space heating, hot water supply and swimming pool heating. The system’s features are vast - optimized thermal energy accumulation in multi-layered storage tank, efficient water heating, solar thermal energy usage and optimal combination of various energy sources. All this together ensures heating costs reduction up to 50-60%.

Energy efficiency А+
Conventional combined heating system SolvisMax 7

A conventional combined heating system consists of different separate elements, each with its own specific tasks – for example, water heater, gas boiler, pump etc. Such combined systems are not convenient, occupy a lot of space and can cause many troubles. Precise coordination of all components is necessary for correct operation of a whole system. It is a very challenging task. In turn, SolvisMax is a modular system which combines all that is necessary – in a single compact solution.

There Are Three Basic SolvisMax Variations – Suitable for Different Scenarios.

SolvisMax Futur for old heating system upgrade
SolvisMax Pur for old boiler replacement
SolvisMax for maximum heating cost reduction

Three Primary Variations of SolvisMax Heating System:

  • Your heating boiler still works perfectly fine, but you would like to save more? Then you can add SolvisMax Futur system (heat storage tank and solar thermal collectors) to your currently installed boiler;
  • Is your current heating boiler out of date and you would like to find a more efficient solution? Then SolvisMax Pur system with an in-built gas, oil or electric boiler combined with a heat storage tank is the right choice;
  • You do not accept a compromise and plan to achieve the highest possible cost-effectiveness? Then your choice is a full SolivsMax heating system, including new efficient boiler, heat storage tank and solar thermal system. This solution can reduce heating costs by up to 60%.

How Does SolvisMax Work?

SolvisMax ensures savings on heating costs thanks to the heart of the system – the multilayered heat storage tank. The system effectively exploits the physical phenomenon of stratification – water dividing into layers depending on its temperature. Water flows through an internal tube in the storage tank which has holes at different heights. Then water passes into the tank through a hole at a specific height so that it gets into storage tank layer with the same temperature. This principle is employed for the solar thermal collector circuit as well. This ensures that solar heat can be used even on a cloudy day without system efficiency loss.

Stratification effect
Water of a specific temperature passes into layer with the same temperature.

The Solvis company was the pioneer to develop and patent a multilayered heat which does not require any additional mechanical devices to use stratification effect. Locating the in-built burner not in the bottom of the tank, but in the area of the hottest water – in the upper part. Why spend fuel to heat the whole tank volume, while it is enough with the upper part? Besides, the boiler is activated only when water in the upper part of the storage tank cools down to a specific, user-defined temperature.

Heating system SolvisMax scheme

The Solvis system starts a boiler rarely, but for a prolonged time which ensures additional economy. A good explanation of this principle can be done by drawing a parallel between a heating system and a car driven in a city or on a highway. In the first case much more fuel is consumed due to frequent starting and stopping the movement than when driving at a constant high speed.

Solvis is one of the most innovative companies in the field. Still, the basis for new models is yet SolvisMax system with a patent No EP 0795109, distinguished by numerous awards from reputable organisations.

Solar Thermal Collectors for Hot Water Supply and Space Heating

SolvisMax can use two types of solar collectors – flat plate (SolvisFera – for large area installations and SolvisCala – for small area installations) or evacuated tube solar collectors. A solar heating system absorbs sunlight energy, accumulates it in a storage tank and uses for water and space heating.

Solvis flat plate, evacuated tube solar thermal collectors and the solar heating system SolvisMax
Flat plate, evacuated tube solar thermal collectors and the solar heating system SolvisMax.

The highest water temperature that can be achieved by a solar thermal collector depends on cloud coverage on a particular day. But employing the stratification principle helps to maximize the benefit of solar thermal system – water heated up by the solar system passes into corresponding layers in a storage tank and does not get mixed with layers of different temperatures, which ensures heating cost reduction throughout the whole year.

Fresh and Hygienic Hot Water Supply System: Healthy and No Infection Risk

Fresh and hygienic hot water icon

The system is equipped by a on-demand water heating system. An in-built hot water heater saves space and money, removing necessity to install additional external water heaters. Water is heated up to a required temperature instantly when passing though an in-built heat exchanger and does not stagnate in a storage tank, which eliminates the risk of bacterial infection.

The standard variation of the heating system is equipped by WWS-24 hot water station with a velivery volume of 24 l/min (at a temperature of 45 °C). If needed, a more productive version of the hot water station, WWS-36, can be installed. This will ensure hot water production of 36 l/m.

Installation: Quick and Easy

Quick and easy installation icon

Installation of a SolvisMax is simple. While a traditional boiler requires at least 19 connections, it is enough with 8 to install SolvisMax: only heating and hot water connections are needed, all the other connections are already inside the system.

System modularity enables usage of energy sources most optimal for particular customer’s situation. Moreover, should the energy carrier prices change significantly, or you would like to change your system’s configuration due to other reasons – it will always be quick and easy.

Smart Control System


The whole SolvisMax system can be controlled from one point – a touch screen SolvisCOntrol, which displays system readings and which allows to change operating regimes quickly and easily. A MicroSD card is inserted into a controller, and it saves all system parameters, which later allows to conduct system efficiency analysis on a computer or smartphone.

SolvisRemote: Control Your Systems Both at Home and Away

Using the SolvisRemote

Remote control station SolvisRemote ensures a possibility to control your heating system from your home network or from a computer or smartphone with Internet connection. You are going to return home from work earlier than planned? Use SolvisRemote in your office and you will get a warm welcome at home.