Heating Systems SolvisDirekt and SolvisVital
for Middle – and Large-Scale Buildings

Along with solutions for average private houses, Solvis offers all-round large-scale systems for heating and hot water with smart control.


SolvisDirekt (for middle-scale buildings) and SolvisVital (for large-scale buildings)

SolvisDirekt and SolvisVital Heating Systems Are Designed for Such Buildings As:

  • Your heating boiler still works perfectly fine, but you would like to save more? Then you can add SolvisMax Futur system (heat storage tank and solar thermal collectors) to your currently installed boiler;
  • block of flats;
  • sports centre;
  • hotels;
  • hospitals;
  • universities, schools, kindergartens;
  • as well as other commercial and municipal buildings.
SolvisDirekt and SolvisVital systems with SolvisSrato heat storage tank
Energy efficiency А+

SolvisStrato heat storage tank is a heart of the whole heating system. It is equipped with a special control system which ensures 20% heating cost avoidance in comparison with traditional heating and hot water supply systems. SolvisDirekt and SolvisVital systems can also use solar thermal energy, which allows to cut traditional fuel costs even more.

Operating Principle of Heating Systems

SolvisDirekt and SolvisVital rely on the same features which are employed by a SolvisMax heating system: use of solar energy, water thermal stratification and precision heating of only required volume of water. You can learn more about these principles taking SolvisMax system as an example.

High Quality Hot Water

SolvisDirekt and SolvisVital heating systems ensure reliable supply of fresh hot water. Water is heated on demand and long-term storage is avoided which eliminates such risks as Legionella bacteria appearance.

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