SolvisBen - Now the Principles of the
SolvisMax Heating System in a Compact Solution!

SolvisBen is not just another ordinary heating boiler. This is the younger brother of the universal heating system SolvisMax, embodying its unique principles in a compact device with an innovative and aesthetically pleasing body. In addition, installation takes even less time.

Heating system SolvisBen energy efficiency А+++

SolvisBen Advantages:

  • Smart heating technology „Made in Germany“, including the preparation of fresh hot water.
  • Innovative product design. It is easy to install in almost any room due to compactness.
  • A step into the world of the future heating at the best price.
  • Optimal for replacing the old boiler, as well as for installation in a new building.
  • High-volume combustion chamber for high efficiency, long service life.
  • Very efficient preparation of fresh hot water using Solvis technology.
  • The power of the gas burner: 10, 18, 25 or 30 kW.
  • The power of the oil burner: 10 or 17 kW (23 kW version will be available in 2018).

Prospect for the Future:

  • Your heating boiler still works perfectly fine, but you would like to save more? Then you can add SolvisMax Futur system (heat storage tank and solar thermal collectors) to your currently installed boiler;
  • The possibility of upgrading at any time by a system of solar collectors.
  • It is possible to install an electric heater to support solar panels.
  • Possibility to replace the oil burner with a gas burner or vice versa.
  • Exceptionally favorable price-quality ratio!

Solar Energy Options: Solar Thermal Collectors or Photovoltaics

Solar panels (photovoltaics) or solar thermal collectors with SolvisBen

Heating System SolvisBen Installation Demonstration

Nominal volume 230 l
Actual volume 229 l
Distribution of volume
For the preparation of hot water 133
For heating 11
For solar support 85
Technical specifications
Tank material S235JR, primed outside
Connection feed/return heating pipe 1’’ AG
Connection of drinking water, cold/hot 1’’ AG
MAX operating pressure 3 bar
MAX operating temperature 95°С
МАХ width 650 mm
МАХ depth 1200 mm
МАХ height 1500 mm
МАХ height when tilting without insulation 1400 mm
MIN distance from front 500 mm
MIN distance at the sides 150 mm

Rated power 1,9 – 10 kW 3 – 18 kW 4,8 – 25 kW 4,8 – 30 kW
Rated power Pn (at 80/60 °С), kW * 2,9 – 17,8 4,7 – 24,4 4,7 – 29,2
Annual efficiency, % * 94 94 94
СО emission, mg/kWh * 6,9 7,4 4,4
NOX emission, mg/kWh * 46 35,1 42,0
MAX operating pressure, bar 3
МАХ operating temperature, °С 95

*Contact us to clarify data for this version.

Rated power 10/17 kW 14/23 kW
Coefficient of efficiency, % 105 104
СО emission, mg/kWh 3 5
NOX emission, mg/kWh 60 63
MAX operating pressure, bar 3
МАХ operating temperature, °C 95